Lulzy Laws

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-Film your liaison with your hooker and it becomes illegal.

-In California, you can’t bring an overabundant fish species legally caught with a fishing license to your fish tank

-In commiefornia California it is illegal for grocery stores to provide plastic bags.

-It is illegal to fish with a bow and arrow in Kentucky.


-Slippers are not to be worn after 10:00 PM.

Advertisements is Racist

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^^^Click to zoom in.

Oh and don’t forget using the term “whale” for fat people.


How to REMOVE Scrybe

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Scrybe is a piece of shit. It is an annoying useless program that infects your computer when you get the latest synaptics touchpad driver online.  It pops up randomly when using your laptop and minding your own business, and best of all, it’s cleverly disguised so that the average joe can’t uninstall it. There is no option to uninstall “Scrybe” from your computer. The program you want to uninstall is called

“synaptics gesture suite”

Remove it and move on with your life, np

Fun Facts

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-Maplestory takes longer to start up than World of Warcraft. (How is that even possible?)

-60% of the congress members in the US don’t have a college degree

-Internet explorer is THE best browser to download another browser

-Youtube loads faster than netflix

-Brock doesn’t give you TMO8, sorry. That would have been a good one though.

-Netflix is getting worse and worse. Fortunately there are a myriad of alternatives all over the internet.


Windows is a 300 dollar virus

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Well, almost.. Remember ages ago when people laughed at macs? No right button? No gaming? What a fucking joke.

In these past few years, however, the tables have turned. Do you have a windows based pc or laptop? Do you like how it takes five minutes to start up and become fully functional? Or how about the infinite numbers of glitches and hassles (more on this later)? Fun right? Go play around with a macbook, you can turn it on and start browsing the internet in less then a minute. You can type documents, save pics, etc fast and easy. It’s fucking 2012, why is Microsoft so behind?

Threads like these:

These problems are similar to an “autoimmune disease” in biology. Basically your body, or in this case your PC, is so fucking stupid that it malfunctions because of its terrible design. Fun stuff.

Screw around on Yelp

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Late in the year of 2004, before Apple began to revolutionize and take over the world, a new website reared its head: Yelp. is simply a place where people write online reviews about restaurants, entertainment, dentists, pet stores, and everything in between. It grew and grew, like a fluid filled pimple, until it reached its powerful status today-Google offers 500 million bucks for Yelp? Denied.

As in many places on the internet, there are people who are take advantage of a stupid system. Yes, it’s true-if the cashier was moving slow as a turtle, or if that waiter had a snarky attitude towards you-you get to defame them, for free! Yelp is full of forged, faked, lulzy, and paid-for reviews.  The filter system is…well, let’s just say it sucks dick (no offense to the homosexuals or the whores out there).

While it may suck if you have a business-yelp may try to extort you to get rid of bad reviews, fake or not, when you go home and sit in front of your laptop or ipad, the tables have turned, have at it!

How to record internal audio

•March 12, 2012 • 2 Comments

In the year 2012, it shouldn’t be that hard recording “what your computer fucking hears” without the sound of your mouse clicking and whatnot. Unfortunately Microsoft and Dell show their tendency to hold back technology here, too. Many laptops manufactured by Dell do not contain the option for “stereo mix” (among other things), an option that allows you to just record the audio from your computer.

There are two solutions:

1) Buy and use Fraps. Fraps is one of the best computer recording softwares out there. It can record your audio internally, even if you have been buttfucked by Dell. Unfortunately Fraps does not contain a standalone audio recorder, so you’ll need the assistance of a converting program that actually works, such as Zamzar.

2)Don’t buy Dell’s shitty laptops. Do your research ahead of time.

A list of computer programs that will NOT record your internal audio, but will instead  fill your computer with spyware and install unwanted toolbars. Don’t worry, I have not hyperlinked them.

  • Freecorder 
  • Jaksta Free Media Recorder 
  • Replay Music
  • Replay AV
  • Replay Media Catcher
  • Ask & Record Toolbar
  • All Sound Recorder